Sam Smith single again

During a concert in Toronto Sam Smith told his fans that he is single again. He confirmed on the Canadian radiostation 99.9 Virgin Radio that his relationship is over. Smith explaines that the song ‘Good Thing’ is about erasing every lillte bit of his ex. “This song is now very special to me, because today I had to do the same thing” he said to his fans. Yesterday evening Smith posted a photo on Instagram in which he had ‘a sad day’ with a glass of wine and a sad face.

This morning Sam was a guest at the radiostation of Mad Dog and Maura Grierson in Canada. Grierson asked is his boyfriend Jonathan Zeizel got in trouble for placing the now famous video of Sam singing in the shower on the internet. Sam answered “Do you know what, he is actually not my boyfriend. I am single, but we were seeing each other. He is a lovely guy”. Smith and Zeizel met working together and during new years eve Smith posted pictures of them together on Instagram.

To the question if his break-up with Zeizel will lead to The Lonely Hour Part II Smith says that his new record will be a lot happier.

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