UK electronic pioneers Lamb and Music on Vinyl launch global remix contest

Calling all producers, studio technicians and remixers! To make one lucky fan a part of the upcoming vinyl reissue of their classic album What Sound, U.K. band LAMB and Music On Vinyl are inviting re-mixers worldwide to create their own remix of the ethereal song “Heaven”. The winning remix, handpicked by Lou and Andy, will be pressed onto the album’s D-side, set to be released on September 22nd.

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LAMB, (the unacknowledged masters of the studio beat and brooding atmospherica” Uncut magazine) aka Andy Barlow and Lou Rhodes, have chosen the song “Heaven” from What Sound to be remixed. ‘”Heaven” felt like a good tune for a remix competition’, says Lou, ‘because there’s a kind of clarity to the vocal melody that lends itself to musical reinterpretation. Really a remix should bring a new and different slant to the original, taking it into territories unforeseen by the original’s creators. In short, just putting a different break-beat underneath the track won’t cut it (laughs). We look forward to hearing a deep variety of mixes. This is a great chance for a new remixer to get some extra profile on the re-release of an album we’re really proud of.”

To encourage remixers to come up with their own sounds, third party samples will not be allowed. As Erik Guillot of Music On Vinyl states: “We’d like to challenge the contestants to produce truly original sounds, hopefully leading to exhilarating results”. LAMB will make the vocal, drums, bass and other parts of the original classic available for download on from March 10 onwards. All submitted remixes will be posted to, so you can check out the competition and be inspired by fellow producers from all over the world. The contest closes on June, 30 2014, and the talented winner will be announced on August, 1st. The winner, along with all the glory and having his or her remix featured on the vinyl re-issue of What Sound, will receive a signed copy of the album. And of course there will be some nice goodies for the runners up as well!


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