Converse Returns To Austin To Unleash The Creative Spirit

CONVERSE INC. RUBBER TRACKS IN AUSTIN LOGOThis week, CONVERSE Inc. announced its return to Austin to unleash the creative spirit during the 2014 SXSW Music and Media Conference. “Converse Rubber Tracks in Austin” pop-up studio is back for its third year, from March 3-15, offering Texas-based bands the opportunity to record original music alongside experienced engineers at no cost. Due to the success of Converse Rubber Tracks in Austin, SXSW is presenting a panel discussion on Friday, March 14 entitled “Converse Rubber Tracks: No Strings Attached” that will explore Converse’s commitment to providing platforms to support emerging artists. This year also marks the debut of “Converse Rubber Tracks Live” in Austin, which will present a free concert on March 15. In addition, Converse will bring skate, hip-hop and metal cultures together once again at the “Converse X Thrasher Magazine Death Match” March 12-15. Converse is also returning as the presenting sponsor of “The FADER FORT Presented by Converse”, the annual 4-day event in Austin from March 12-15.

Since its Brooklyn opening in July 2011, Converse Rubber Tracks has provided the incredible opportunity for artists to record in a state-of-the-art studio at no cost. Converse Rubber Tracks supports artistic expression by allowing musicians across all genres an opportunity to record for free and retain all the rights to their music. In the last two years, Converse has brought the Converse Rubber Tracks pop-up studio from Brooklyn to great music cities such as Toronto, Austin, Montreal, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Beijing and Mexico City.

“We’re so proud to be back in Austin,” said Geoff Cottrill, VP/GM of Brand & Segments at Converse. “Each year we discover new artists who are incredibly talented and driven—but simply need a little support. We’re really excited to be able to give musicians the opportunity to record for free and a platform to unleash their creative spirit.”

Converse Rubber Tracks in Austin / Converse Rubber Tracks Live
Over the last three years, Converse Rubber Tracks has provided Texas-based musicians a unique opportunity during SXSW to record in a state of the art studio and retain the rights to their music, at no cost. Each year, this opportunity has been embraced by local bands that might not otherwise be able to afford studio time. This year, “Converse Rubber Tracks in Austin” pop-up studio will return to its location at Big Orange and Shine Studios from March 3-15 where local Texas bands to will record for free, no strings attached. In addition, “Converse Rubber Tracks Live” will bring its free concert series to Austin with a free show on March 15 featuring Black Angels and White Denim. The lineup for the show will also include previous Converse Rubber Tracks recording artists selected by Black Angels.

“Converse Rubber Tracks: No Strings Attached” Panel at SXSW
Converse Rubber Tracks has been embraced by artists and music communities around the globe, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Austin to name a few, who have benefitted from this unique opportunity. With its success, SXSW has dedicated a panel discussion on Friday, March 14 entitled “Converse Rubber Tracks: No Strings Attached.” The panel will discuss Converse’s connection to music and commitment to unleashing the creative spirit by providing platforms that help emerging artists. The panel will be moderated by acclaimed advertising Music Director, Gabe McDonough and will feature Geoff Cottrill (Converse VP/GM of Brand & Segments) and emerging artists Whalers (Austin, Texas).

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