Moon Shot – The Power

Since my first encounter with the band, I have been intrigued by the sound and lyrics of Moon Shot. After their debut album, I was very curious about their follow-up album. So, it was a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity to listen to the new album ‘The Power’ before its release. The album lives up to its name right from the first track, ‘Life is a Killer’, a true power rock song. It starts off calmly but with a powerful chorus that immediately showcases the vocal range of singer Ville Malja.

All the songs on the album revolve around the theme of strength. Don’t expect an album with only happy endings, but rather the promise of good fights that can lead to a good outcome. The album is a search for small holes to find the strength to keep fighting. The title track of the album, ‘The Power’, is therefore a song about inner strength. The song is accompanied by electronic beats, mixed with hard rock, giving it a very cool blend of styles.

Particularly remarkable is the song ‘Blackened Spiral’, or as Malja describes it: “Textually, ‘Blackened Spiral’ is one of the most honest, raw, and painful lyrics I have ever written for Moon Shot. The positive pulse of the song forms a perfect dialogue with these tragic lyrics. The song is for those who have lost someone they love. It is dedicated to the beautiful memories that will remain with us forever, no matter what happens.” That’s exactly how the song comes across: the memory of friends and family who are sadly no longer with us, but whose memories remain and cannot be taken away.

The song ‘Deep Hood’ strongly resembles the intro of ‘Thunder’ by ACDC. However, what follows is a wonderfully strong rock song with a mix of electronic beats, similar to ‘The Power’. Finally, the song ‘Yes’ is definitely worth mentioning. It was the first single from the album and calls for an end to violence by working together. “We can take fingers away from triggers.”

With ‘The Power’, Moon Shot succeeds in expanding the spectrum of the band while retaining the original ingredients: timeless hard rock with special melodies through electronic beats and deeply cutting, honest lyrics.

The album cover is a statement. A simple ‘+’. But with meaning. In times like these, we are the ones who can bring about change. Instead of pointing fingers, we can listen, think, and then act. We are here together, and by holding each other’s hands, we create the chain that has all the power. The power of dialogue is the power of change.

While the first three singles, ‘Yes!’, ‘Shadow Boxer’, and ‘Blackened Spiral’, steadily gain popularity and have been high in the German rock charts for several weeks, continuing to rise each week, the Finnish alternative rockers of Moon Shot will release their second studio album on April 26, 2024, via Reaper Entertainment. An album that is definitely worth listening to, both for fans of hard rock from the 21st century and for those who love raw lyrics that touch the soul.

(8/10) (Reaper Entertainment)

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