“Hungry Eyes” singer Eric Carmen has passed away

American singer Eric Carmen died on Monday evening. This was announced by his wife Amy. Eric Carmen was an American singer-songwriter and musician known for his hit song “Hungry Eyes.” He was born on August 11, 1949 in Cleveland, Ohio. Carmen started his musical career as a member of the band The Raspberries, where he served as a singer, guitarist and songwriter.

In the early 1970s, The Raspberries enjoyed moderate success, but it was Carmen’s talent for writing catchy pop melodies that attracted attention. Their song “Go All the Way” became a huge hit and established Carmen as a rising talent in the music industry. After the breakup of The Raspberries in 1974, Carmen embarked on a successful solo career. He released a series of albums from which some of his best-known songs come, including “All by Myself” and “Never Gonna Fall in Love Again”. His style was characterized by his powerful voice, melodious compositions and emotional lyrics.

In 1987, Carmen achieved his greatest solo success with the song “Hungry Eyes”, which was part of the soundtrack to the film “Dirty Dancing”. The song became a huge hit and established Carmen as one of the leading pop artists of its time. Despite his success as a solo artist, Carmen remained active in the music industry as a songwriter and producer for other artists. His influence on pop music was recognized by his induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

As the years passed, Carmen remained a respected figure in the music industry, albeit with slightly lower visibility than in his heyday. However, he continued to perform and his music remained loved by fans around the world. Eric Carmen on Monday evening at the age of 74.

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