Maxazine Presents: Fools Garden Essentials (curated by Peter Freudenthaler) 

Fools Garden, the German pop rock band, was founded as Fool’s Garden in 1991 in Pforzheim. The band consists of singer/guitarist Peter Freudenthaler and guitarist/vocalist Volker Hinkel, who is also responsible for writing most of the songs. The name comes from the idea of being a place where fools grow their ideas and creativity. Fools Garden broke through in 1995 with their third album “Dish of the Day,” which includes the mega-hit “Lemon Tree”. This song catapulted the band to international success and established them as one of the leading acts in the pop-rock genre. The success was followed by other albums such as “Go and Ask Peggy for the Principal Thing and “For Sale” in later years.

With their catchy melodies and clever lyrics, Fools Garden have left a lasting impression on the music scene. Despite some line-up changes, the band remains active and continues to create new music, maintaining its position as one of Germany’s most beloved pop-rock acts.

Time now to capture the musical footprint of Fools Garden; 13 songs that, according to frontman Peter Freudenthaler, are the best songs to describe the band’s entire oeuvre. We asked Peter Freudenthaler himself to write down the songs that best characterized him. Peter took up the challenge and compiled his musical footprint exclusively for Maxazine: The best collection of Fools Garden tracks to get to know the band best in a short time. Maxazine proudly presents Fools Garden Essentials, curated by Peter Freudenthaler.

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