Christine and the Queens – Redcar les adorables étoiles

Christine and the Queens is the musical alter-ego of the French Héloïse Létissier, known as Chris since 2018 (‘Chris is a name that can be both male and female. It suits me.’), including album “Chris” and since 2022 as Redcar. One name change per album; you can be worse absorbed in your own music. For Christine/Chris/Redcar, it’s more than that.

The third album “Redcar les adorables étoiles” confirms the next stage in his life as a person and an artist. Earlier we were introduced to the singles “Je te vois enfin”, “Rien dire” and “La chanson du chevalier”, now the album is out, mixed by producer Mike Dean (Jay Z, Lana del Rey). “Redcar les adorables étoiles” is the first album in a series and thus heralds the new musical transformation.

In total, “Redcar les adorables étoiles” contains a lot of not unattractive tracks, although the album does not come close to the breakthrough album “Chaleur humaine” and “Chris”. Although the synth-pop on the third full album will feel like old times again, the overall picture sounds a bit directionless. Let’s hope Redman’s prologue goes in a good strong direction for the singer. (7/10) (Because/Virgin)

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