Blackpink is on fire in the KSPO Dome in Seoul, South Korea

Discovered by YG Entertainment, Blackpink is composed of Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé—four charismatic vocalists, dancers, and fashion icons. They were introduced by YG in August 2016 and from the day of the release of their first two songs (Boombayah and Whistle), their career launched like a rocket. They got the label “biggest girl band of the world” by several magazines, all over the world. After the release of their album with the clear title “The Album” in 2020, the girls had an online show in 2021, called “The Show”. After that fans were eagerly waiting for new material and a world tour that came with the release of “Born Pink” in September 2022 and the announced world tour through Asia, North America, Europe and the Asian Pacific.

The concert on October 15th in the legendary KSPO dome in Seoul was the start of their world tour. The audience consisted mainly of Korean people, but also a lot of Thai people, exchange students living in Seoul and expats, as well as one European guy, a journalist for Maxazine. Many Thai blinks (fans of Blackpink are called “blinks”) booked a flight from Bangkok to Seoul to see their national hero live on stage, Lisa Manoban, who performed a great show amongst the other girls

They get called “the biggest girl band in the world” for several reasons: they hold more than one Guinness World Book Record which is related to YouTube views and Spotify streams. The group gets massive support from worldwide fanbases on Twitter. Besides that, the Blackpink members are ambassadors for major fashion brands like Chanel (Jennie), Celine (Lisa),  Dior (Jisoo), and Saint-Laurent (Rosé) and are often seen on fashion shows. Their latest album ‘Born Pink’ landed at nr.1 on Billboard 200. 

The general sales (which came after the pre-sales for Reverse members) of the concert in Seoul were sold out in minutes. And that says enough. Blackpink is hot and their show indeed proved this was the world’s next best thing!

The show with the live band “The Band Six” in Seoul consisted of 4 acts. The show opened with “How You Like That” and extensive use of pyrotechnics. Then we stayed in the past of Blackpink with songs from their previous albums (“Pretty Savage”, “Whistle”, “Lovesick girls”, and more). But Blackpink does have a new album as well. The first song of this new album was “Tally”, and came at the end of the second act.

What you should remember about the concert: crystal clear voices of the singers, in your face stage act with 40 dancers, the mesmerizing pyrotechnics of “Pink Venom” and “DDU-DU DDU-DU”. The solo acts “Hard to love” and “On the ground” from Rosé and Lisa with “Lalisa” and “Money” were done great as well. And a captivating moment was there when the audience did a singalong with “Forever Young”. The audience knew the lyrics and of course, it sounded amazing.

Yes, Blackpink has landed and started its world tour with grace. After two shows in Seoul, the band will fly to the USA to do shows in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Hamilton, Chicago, Newark and Los Angeles, before heading to Europe for shows in London, Barcelona, Cologne, Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin and the last show of the tour Amsterdam on December 22nd.

BLACKPINK Setlist Kspo Dome, Seoul, South Korea 2022, BORN PINK World Tour
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