Del Amitri – Fatal Mistakes

Del Amitri will ring a bell for many people. The band scored a hit single in the late 80s with “Nothing Ever Happens”. A few albums later their real big break came with the big hit “Roll To Me”, which is still their best-known record.

In 2002 their album “Can You Do Me Good?” was released. Shortly afterwards, Del Amitri decided to take a break. It remained silent for quite some time, until 2013; A one-off tour was announced for 2014. After that, it quickly became quiet again.

In 2018 another tour was announced and from there a number of songs were written and that prevented Del Amitri from going out again. Those songs, one of which ended up on the setlist that year (“You Can’t Go Back”), made sure that after almost 20 years we actually would get a new record from this band.

There is one thing that stands out immediately about the new album “Fatal Mistakes”. The catchiness of the songs from the successful years, that’s something you really miss. After the first listen you do not immediately have a song in your mind. The vocals have of course also changed a bit, but I don’t want to portray that as something negative. Founder Justin Currie’s voices are still very pleasant to hear. Lain Harvie is still there from album one.

The first point of the previous paragraph can of course be refuted. As a band you have not made new music for almost 20 years, you are at a different point in your life, you may also want to try something different. That’s exactly what they do, without changing tack so much that you wouldn’t get Del Amitri out of it.

The song that stands out is the song that was already on the setlist in 2018 “You Can’t Go Back”. A cheerful melody and a fairly catchy hook. Then there is the groovy “Losing The Will To Die” which also stands out above the rest. “It’s Feelings” is a nice summer song. Ideal if you are on the beach or pool.

We are happy that Del Amitri is going to release another record after so many years. It certainly won’t go down as one of their best records, but this album, ‘Fatal Mistakes’, won’t be at the bottom either. Fatal Mistakes were not made on this album. Tip for the band: Don’t wait another 19 years with a new album. (7/10) (Cookings Vinyl)

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